Saturday, October 4, 2008

♥ Welcome to Marie Club ♥

Welcome to Marie Club.
This is a blog of Marie's fan club.
Marie is a cute kitten from "The AristoCats",
a 1970 animated feature produced and released

by Walt Disney Productions.

Please enjoy your time and come back any time later.
Thank you for coming.


Anonymous said...

hi , i'm chii
:D i love marie

please add my email
i want to share marie :D

Nisa marie said...

hello, Marie...!
my name is Khoirun Nisa, just call me Nisa. I Love you Marie....!!!

คุณปิ๊ก (Pick) said...

I'm one of Marie's fanclub too. Glad to meet you, loving Marie, here.

Let me be the one of your Marie club, please.

вσσgℓє & тσвσℓє said...

hello everybody!i gave birth to a baby girl a few weeks ago and guess what, i named her after Marie! oh such a lovely name!!!

Anonymous said...

i like this website..
i love Marie!!

anya said...

Hi my name is anya, how to become marie fans club? I love marie sooooo much :-)

Anonymous said...

hi im mary....i love marie so much///

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Mimi Nekota. Just call me Mi-Tan or Neko-Mimi. I just cannot stop myself from loving Marie.

Liestya Oktarini said...

hayy marie ,u just call me Liestya , I like you very much .. I also collect knick knacks that contains about you in my room. love u marie ,

Anonymous said...

I love Marie..
is there any Marie club on facebook or twitter?